Joke of the day: People posting their Yoga videos on LinkedIn.

Joke of the week: People posting Father’s Day wishes on LinkedIn

Joke of the century: People posting certificates!

What is the key difference between Facebook & LinkedIn?

As much as it’s convenient to merge our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts into one large social networking experience, LinkedIn has a special designation: professional networking. And there is a difference between professional and personal networking.

What actually LinkedIn is for?

  • Post your job and find the people you need (Doesn’t need to be everyone)
  • Connect with people who can help (Find people you know)
  • Find open jobs and internships

Source: LinkedIn

Note: Open above link without logging into your account. You will get to know what LinkedIn is for.

What are you doing wrong?

  • Sharing personal (Out of work related Unprofessional) posts.
  • Including emojis that makes your post disgraceful! (on LinkedIn)
  • Sharing certificates! No one cares about your certificates and courses. If you have really learnt something then go and work on a project and share your learnings.
  • Stop begging in the comments section (Even if someone wants you to do so). Imagine someone from the hiring team viewing your profile and suddenly he/she came accross to your recent activities, what they will come across is one of the common term that is “interested”.

NOTE: Above points are just personal opinions. Finally its upto what your public demand from you on LindedIN.

Read this LinkedIn’s blog on tips to write posts that get read on LinkedIn.

Again! None of the point says to include Emojis. Be Professional and write properly.