Followed by semester 1 and the holidays in which I tried to learn web development using Django. My experience with Django was not that good. As a beginner, the first thing I did was surfing over the internet for the framework to start with web development. After lurking around for a while and taking a glimpse over the documentation of both the frameworks (Django & Flask), I found Flask to be very straightforward. There was no magic, just a simple API to learn. Further, while I intended to implement an MVC architecture, I found both the frameworks were very much supportive.

The reason why I chose Django over Flask was because of the community impact it had. Django’s community is quite active and approachable, particularly on IRC. /r/Django is far more active than /r/flask.

However, as a beginner, the problems that I faced with Django was that I often found myself having to learn why things were structured the way there were before I could learn the system. An example of this would be forms processing - on Django, I remember having to learn about the Forms models and all of their configuration. Though I was able to make a simple polling app using Django, I was never able to understand the basics of web development such as REST architecture, Database Management, CRUD etc. which I learnt with time by analyzing and working on open-source projects.

Apart from that, the beginning of Semester 2 was unexpected as I joined the team NARCODES, wrote 3 proposals SIH-19 and got selected for the final round 1. It was during the SIH when I first used Flask and that made me realize why choosing Django was not a good idea as a beginner 2. Using Flask, I developed a library of helpers functions and followed architectural conventions, and thus have learned a lot about Python in the process.

Then I tried my luck with GSOC, wrote 2 proposals for FOSSASIA and CBMI@UTHSC but couldn’t make it up to there. Apart from all the coding stuff, my hockey practice also went with pace and thus got the chance to play at the inter hall hockey tournament. Also got selected as the computer team member 3 member for the AUV club of the college. Well again, the curriculum of AMU is easier than other universities so I was able to score decent marks.

Final Exams got over, time for vacations and new plans. I decided to learn the concepts of ROS. And a wait for the beginning of next semester……………..

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  1. Read more about our experience at SIH-19 at @roshnet’s blog ↩︎

  2. I think I’ll ultimately end up using Django for prototyping and rapid application development. But I stand behind my contention that Flask is better suited to a new Python programmer. ↩︎

  3. Rahul/Omama and company really ragged me and Roshan during interview. They are dangerous, Beware!! ↩︎