Recently I got the privilege to write an article for a non-governmental organisation named @lovenation_hme of Indian Institute of Law, Indore. The organisation aims to create unity among religions as being the responsible and literate citizens of India. The organisation also states that “India is ours and we are proud citizens of India”.


Religion is supposed to be the means of attaining peace but in practicality, in reality, today every religion has got a base of fundamentalism and involvement of terrorism. Can we not attempt to create a new world order where there is no religion at all?

Well, I must say religion is, in reality, is just belief. And when your beliefs conflict with others it gives rise to fight. The question here why and when this conflict occur?

Firstly, it is because belief gives you confidence (overconfidence on the name of God) to fight for your upliftment and secondly when you bring your religion to the streets.

Well, we cannot create a world without religion as it gives you the art of living, art to acquire God. However, we can do one thing as to respect others beliefs without practising on the streets. This is how we could establish a better India, a loving, peaceful and Incredible India.

-Prajjwal Nijhara

Aligarh Muslim University

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